Singapore Poly Turns 60!!


As part of the birthday celebration, SP was throwing the very first SP Masterchef cookout competition! Together with 11 other bloggers, we were invited to take part in this competition!

My partner of the day, Angie!

We were required to pair up and prepare 3 dishes (appetiser, main and dessert) in 90 minutes using the food produced by students from SP's Diploma in Food and Science Technology course. 

We had everything written out and prepared!

The ingredients provided! 

We are READY!

What we cooked on that day

Our dishes!

Angie and I had decided to keep our dishes simple and healthy because the food by the students (like the Yamie rice) were instant but packed with necessary protein and nutrients! 

Another reason was because we understand that in a fast paced lifestyle like Singapore, we simply don't have the time to cook a complicated dish and thus we tend to eat out. We want to prove that eating at home can be simple, hassle free and healthy as well! 

Our appetizer

We had decided to make pizza with sausage as our appetizer. It's very simple to make! You just have to top the bread with pasta sauce (tomato based recommended), ham and sprinkler cheese on top and bake them in your oven! we had also decided to make it looks a little cuter by cutting the bread into a Hello Kitty head as well as the sausage into mouse (in case you don't know what those are T.T )

The sausage is actually one of the food that the students produced! They are actually low fat and salt sausages! They were also awarded with healthy choice label by Health Promotion Board! And the best part? They taste awesome! I always find sausages in the market very salty, but this one is not! We actually boiled the sausages, without having to worry that it may taste too salty if you eat it alone. 

In case you want to try it yourself, there! The one on the top right hand corner! 

Our main course 

You can't really see from the picture, but the rice is shaped in a heart shape, with stir fried mushroom on the side, also heart shape sausages acting as the side dish bowl! and my proudest creation ever (that no one noticed), CUCUMBER ROSE! Sadded, but it's okay. it was my first try and I am satisfied with it hehehe.

Omelette featuring Yamie Rice! 

We were given the choices of Low GI (Glycemic Index) noodles and Yamie Rice. GI is a measure of how quickly blood glucose levels rise after eating a particular type of food. With this low GI noodle, it will lower the risk of developing coronary heart diseases and type-2 diabetes. It actually help in weight control as lo GI food surprises appetite so that you won't feel hungry easily! Good news for those who can't stop eating (I am talking about me HAHA)

Anyway we had chosen the Yamie Chicken rice flavour! Yamie rice is an instant rice that contains no preservatives, no trans-fat, no artificial colouring and no added MSG! It's super easy to prepare, all you need to do is just mix the rice with water in the rice cooker and cook it! You can use microwave as well!

I tasted the rice myself and I have to be honest that I didn't expect much initially due to my previous awful experience with instant rice but this Yamie rice changed my perspective! It actually tasted like normal chicken rice. I believe you wouldn't believe that it's instant unless you see it with your own eyes! 

Tadaaaa! so you can try it and know that I am not exaggerating! 

Our dessert

Frozen banana pop!

Angie came up with this idea and I had to say, I LOVE THIS. I am sooooo going to make these for my nephews and niece! You just have to slice the banana to your preferred size and coat them in chocolate (maybe you can try nutella) and sprinkler your favourite assortment!

Other food produced by the students

Low GI muffin/brownie mix
This low GI cupcake and brownie mix can slow down the release of glucose into the blood stream, making it safe for diabetics! It also enables endurance athletes to stretch their supply of energy over a longer period. 

Lemonsi Delight
This drink was actually formulated over 20 years ago for the Singapore Poly Open House in 1995! OMG, a few years younger than me only O.o Anyway, this drink actually made into the finals of the Second National Entrepreneurship Competition, where it caught the eyes of Pokka, one of the leading Japanese bottled drinks company. DFTS then collaborated with Pokka to produce this drink, which is popular all around Asia until today! 

Coffee Blend
DFTS students developed 4 blends for School of Coffee, a school in SP that teacher barista skills. The SP Coffee Blend is a mix of Arabica coffee powder from 3 different countries!! How awesome is that!?

Interested to know more about the DFTS? Click here!

The results 

Although we didn't win the first three prizes but we had the $20 CapitaVoucher each as consolation prize! Each one of us also received a goodie bag consists from SP!  I personally tried the Kaya and I LOVE IT! It's less in sugar and thus it's not too sweet! This has officially become my favourite Kaya~

For the Claypot Yamie rice I have yet to try it as the serving size is quite big. I will psycho my friends to come my place and cook it for them!! But like I had mentioned earlier on, the chicken rice really took me by surprise and I am quite sure this will not disappoint me at all!

We had so much fun together and I met lots of awesome friends through this event! Angie and I had just met for the very first time on the day of the competition but I think we made a very great team work! 

 Not to forget, our SUPER helpful SP student helper! She made us felt like home and didnt worry about ANYTHING during the competition. She helped us with sooooo many things that Angie and I both agreed that things would not go that smoothly if not for her help!

Thank you, Huiyi! 

We were waiting for our turn for the post-interview but first, LET US TAKE A SELFIE!!! 

Last but definitely not the least, this guy who had accompanied me on that day cause I was scared to go alone as this was my very first event! From the start till the end, without a single complaint! Traveled all the way from Pasir Ris and turn up despite not feeling very well on that day. I really appreciate it a lot!

Thank you Chiak! 

The video is up!! :D enjoy ;) 

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