Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!!


You have helped me grow and soar up high. 8 full years of laughter, tears, friendship and kinship. Thank you Singapore for keeping me safe, giving me education and letting me know lots of like minded friends. 

I have something to confess. I didn't like you before. As I grow, I see lots of ugly sides of you. How the people are often uncaring and selfish, how cruel they can get even to their own parents and other family members. I am not saying this without any back up okayyyy. 

I was volunteering in old folks home. I see many abandoned parents. Of course I do know that some of them were single or didn't have any child. You will be surprised that some of them actually have more than 3 children, but none of them are supporting them.

One of the uncle that I talked to, he has 3 children. Only the youngest daughter who is supporting him, but due to the fact that she is a single mom, she needs to work to support the family and thus has to send the father to the old folks home. And his 2 other kids? One of them is actually living in a landed property, driving a car and own a business but yet, he had never visited him in 2 years time.

The list goes on and on. There are so many things that I see with my own eyes, to the extend that I couldn't bear to see anymore and couldn't wait to leave Singapore for good. I don't want to live in this uncaring society.I don't want my children to live in such a stressful environment where grades are everything. I don't want them to feel inferior, in case they are not as academically strong as their peers. 

Just not too long ago about early this year, I started to do a lot of thinking, more than I normally do. There is this quote that is very cliche, but somehow this is the one that changed me.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." -Maya Angelou

I started to ask myself, what is it that made me dislike this place so much. The people? The culture? The characters? People are uncaring and selfish even to their own parents or family members. This is the one thing that I cannot accept no matter what. Then I asked myself gain, is Singapore the only place with this problem?

Can I say with confidence that in Indonesia, or other countries, there are no such people exist? No. It happens everywhere. It just so happen that I am living in Singapore and I am exposed to just the ugly sides of the people. 

I don't like it, but can I change it? I can't. People are behaving this way mostly because of the environment they are living in. It didn't come easy for you to come this far and so it is only understandable that you have to remain sharp and competitive in order to be ahead of the game.

You did your very best for the majority. But when there is majority, there will be minority that suffers because they could not keep up with the pace. I am often exposed to the minority and that explains why I view yourself as a place where there is no love, only competition. 

And then the second part of this quote, "If you cannot change it, change your attitude". I did. I started to tell myself, why keep reminding of myself about the negativity if those things were making me uncomfortable? Why not surround myself with the positivity which I believe do exist, just that they are also belong to the minority? 

That's also when I started to get to know this group of friends who care a lot for the society. They reminded me that kindness does exists and love is not just love towards your family and friends. Love is universal and there is no terms and condition for loving someone. 

They always come out with projects to help the less fortunate ones because they care for them They always surround themselves with lots of love, both to give and to receive. I am thankful that I had met them. They made me realised that it is okay that the majority are like that, what matter is who you surround yourself with. 

Even though the majority is not like us, they do not waste their energy to fret over why are the people like that. Instead, they use this energy to make a change. Even though we are the minority, but that's okay. Because we believe in creating ripple effect.

I had learnt so much from them, and I am thankful to have met them. Because alone I can't do much, but together, we can make a difference. We can make an impact to the life of others. We will let the minority know that we do love and care for them. I had since also become a better person myself. 

I had started to complain less, so much lesser. Everytime I was thrown a negative problem, I would try to look at it in a positive way, and learn from it instead. I had since able to love so many, many more than I used to. I am more and more thankful to what I have and what I don't have. 

Singapore, I am sorry to have disliked you in the past. I was immature, only able to look at it from my point of view. Now I understand. It's not about you, it's about my own thinking. Ever since I surround myself with all the positivity, I realised that there are a lot of people who care for others as well. 

Singapore, thank you for being this amazing. Thank you for letting my parents have an ease of mind when they send me over here for a better education because they know you will keep me safe. Thank you for having the advance technology for medical so that my parents and grandparents can come here for their health check up. Thank you for having convenient transportation so that I can go anywhere I want without having to worry that I will be lost. Thank you for having a clean environment for us to live. Thank you for letting me meet the like minded friends and allow us to give and love those that need us. 

Happy Birthday, Singapore! 49 years of success, I hope I will be able to celebrate your 50th Birthday live at the floating platform! Cheers to Singapore!

Just some pictures of the amazing people that I had met in Singapore. These are not even all! It just happen that I currently only have these pictures with me in the phone. To the people whom I am still in touch up till now, thank you for being part of my wonderful 8 years journey in Singapore. For those that I have lost touch with, I sincerely hope that our life will one day cross path again in the near future. Everyone of you matters to me :) 

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