Race to Dawn!


I had been waiting for this day to come since the day I signed up for this event! I had lost touch to outdoor and group activities ever since I graduated from my secondary school! That's like a good 5 years plus ago! 

I miss those time, when I was so active and "fun" hahaha. How time flies and why has my life become so mundane over the time!? Hahahha I guess as we grow up, we started to "move lesser" lolol or is it just me. Okay that aside! hehe.

What we do on that day: 
1. Lots of fun games for us to play!
2. Dinner under the stars
3. Sharing, and

Biggest group picture that I had ever been in!!

There were about 240 over people that took part in this event. A good 100 over people are actually from SIM O.o hahha. For SIM, we needed to wear GREEN! WHY GREEN! I don't have green t shirts! I mean, I have green dress and green sweaters, as though both are appropriate for this event :/ Luckily a friend of mine is kind enough to lend me his!

If I didnt remember wrongly, SIM was divided into 4 teams. I am in team two! We called ourselves SIM Team 2! 

The greeeeeeeeens

Red: NTU, Yellow: NUS and Blue: Chapalang (mixture of other Unis)


I had officially met the most zai (best) teammates ever! Everyone is so active despite coming from different schools and majors (if you do not know yet, SIM has quite a few overseas Uni under them, but we are all SIMmates!)

Lots of games were planned for us! Thank you, planning committee for all the games! We had lots of fun! Many of the games are actually water games. I couldn't take pictures after I got wet T.T anyway, it was a really fun afternoon!

Water bomb! 

This is game for all! We had to burst the opponents balloons! As many balloons as we could! 

Another green house shot! 

We are the awesome-est team 2!!


Okay, it's supposed to be dinner under the stars, but we couldn't wait till the sky turned dark because we wouldn't be able to see our food hahaha

After our dinner, there was a little sharing by our SIM friends. I actually just realised that, majority of them are from church. Nothing wrong with that at all, just saying this because I am a Buddhist. I am glad that despite the differences, we were brought together, have fun together as friends!

It's great to hear the stories they shared, about how Jesus had brought hope and light to their life, about how their world had been turned around. No one is perfect in this world. People make mistakes. I am truly happy that they managed to find their way back. 

No matter who you are, a Christian, a Catholic, a Muslim, a Buddhist or Hindu, everyone is the same. We just happen to have different beliefs, that's all. Our beliefs are what kept us going and hoping. Let's respect one another's religion, for if you take out everything; the beliefs, thoughts and hearts, we are all just human being.

My new group of friends are mostly Christian and I am glad that they respect mine as much as I respect theirs :) We are a group of friends who have the same goal, and that is to make the world a better place to live in. The only difference we have was we shared a different belief, and that, my friend, has never posed a problem to our friendship! 

Highlight of the night!!

Another group shot before the night cycling!

Let me tell you the route we took hahahahaha. From ECP --> Kallang Leisure Park --> Singapore New Stadium --> Singapore Flyer --> Lau Pa Sat --> Marina Bay Sands --> Marina Barrage --> ECP.

Insane much?? Hahhaha I was kinda excited about it! Been a while since I had been so adventurous. I miss being adventurous! It was a really long journey, our (I am sorry) butt hahahaha was so painful omg. But, it was all worth it! 

Being the first group to have finished the whole trips (there were missions in some pit stop), we just lepak around, resting a little before taking the journey back to ECP. Beautiful scenery we got there~



Spotted this beautiful scenery as we cycle back to ECP. This is sooooo good! Although it was really tiring, but it was really very much worth it. I am already looking forward to night cycle again hehehhee. Made many new friends through this event! So thankful of everything.

Lots of laughter and jokes were shared on that night. Everyone of us got to know new friends! Some of us are meeting this coming Sunday for a good dinner and catch up!! The thought of seeing them again make me so excited! Cant wait for Sun to come!! 

As I look back at my life now, I compared my current self to 6 months ago. What a big difference I see there. 6  months ago, I wouldn't be able to foresee myself being this happy and satisfied. I realised that, to be able to love many, is indeed a blessing. 

Someone told me to find someone who can love and care for me, because all that I know is only how to care and love others. I told him, loving others is loving myself too. because by seeing others smile, it brings me a sense of happiness that I can't describe in words. 

Remember Mother Teresa "Do it Anyway"?

My favourite 3 sentences:
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish and ulterior motives; be kind anyway.
If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you; be honest and sincere anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous; be happy anyway.

There are always people who try to bring you down. There are always people who couldn't wait to see you trip and fall. It's okay. Just do everything for yourself. For you only live once in this world. If you have to keep worrying of what others think of you, aren't you living for them instead of for yourself? 

Those who are not worth it, no matter how much you try to please them or how much explanation you give, they wouldn't listen. Those who are worth it, they see your worth and your sincerity, and often than not, they are the ones who never doubted you, and never needed an explanation, ever. 

More pictures! 

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