2-Day Yoga Workshop @ Tirisula Yoga


Arab street always gives me that peaceful and serenity feels. To be roaming around Arab street for the whole days is in one of my "must do" list! Imagine hopping around at the cafes located in that area!! Heaven!! 

Well, hipster cafes are great, but doing yoga in that area is even more awesome, isn't it! Was very honoured to be invited to this bloggers' exclusive 2 day yoga event. Yoga is always my thing, but I think the key to anything we do is consistency, and I always have a hard time doing that. 

Studio 1 & 2
80B Arab Street
Singapore 199777
Studio 3 and Yoga Shop62A Arab Street
Singapore 199759
Yoga School: +65 6299 5181

Yoga Shop: +65 6299 5191
Email: info@tirisulayoga.com

You can check out their Facebook page here! Google plus +TirisulaYoga and Instagram @tirisulayoga 

As blur so tong headed as I always am, I had totally forgotten to take the picture of both exterior and interior of studio 1 and 2! Forgive me, peeps. But if I were to comment on the studio 1 and 2, I can only say it is really very comfy and it felt like home! 

I wasn't able to attend the first day as I was not feeling very well. Got to know this lovely lady named Vivienne on the second day, one of the bloggers who were invited too. She ended up becoming my partner for the activities of the day!

We were chatting a little and she told me that her whole body is aching from yesterday's yoga hahha. They were training on their "flexibility", therefore a lot of stretching to be done. On the second day, we focused on Balancing! 

Master Paalu was our teacher and he is so humorous! Had Yoga experience before in one of the fitness centre in Singapore and the experience was really ughhhh. It was soooo dry! Yoga itself needs a lot of concentration, beginners like me would often get "distracted". We need encouragement, we need a little jokes to bring us back! Master Paalu's definitely the best yoga teacher that I had ever encounter so far! 

So, right after our warm up, Master Paalu suggested to do headstand, I was like O.o "today is my first day!" lol! But yeah, he assured us that it would be possible and we will be the first batch to ever do headstand on the second day of training, in my case first day! 

Before we just go ahead and do headstand and injured our neck or back, Master Paalu taught us some moves that will help us ease and warm up the muscle that would be needed to do the headstand.

Picture credit to Tirisula Yoga

Picture credit to Tirisula Yoga

Picture credit to Tirisula Yoga

Andddd, let me proudly present to you, my very first headstand after decades!

I remember doing headstand very often when I was a kid, I guess that was when I was more flexible and "light" hahaha. Thanks to Master Paalu, I get to do it in just 2 tries!

I really sweat a lot during the training! It felt really great after that because it was like all the toxins in my body was being washed out in sweats! It's weird but true, after the whole event, I was tired but refreshed at the same time.

Now want to give it a go to? This is a great chance for you! Next year, from 19th-30th Jan, there will be a 50 Hour Yoga Transformation course. Why is it so great? Because you get to have 50% OFF discount! This is only for our readers, so sweet of them ya? 

Anyway, here is the link http://tirisulayoga.com/50hr-transformation-yoga-training/ The usual price, as you can see there is $1,8000. But since you read this post, you only need to pay $900 for 50hr yoga training! How great is that!! 

After the yoga training, we took turn to shower and off for lunch! We had our lunch at studio 3, which was also where their yoga shop is located!

This is like their backyard! I would really want to spend every afternoon here! 

This was our lunch at a glance! The beehoon (upper left) was to die for!! Master Paalu cooked that himself, it was really delicious!

Good looking and healthy cupcakes! 

So after our lunch, we head back to studio 1 and 2 to learn some theories about how to know our body type better.

Master Satya Chong (picture credit to Tirisula Yoga)

Ayur = life
Veda = complete knowledge

Ayurveda: the complete knowledge of life.

Life is made up of Body + Mind + Soul. When you achieve a balance of these three, you will be free from emotional problems and really find peace in you. 

Mind is what causes us emotional problems. Next time when you complain that you are depress or sad, don't get mad when someone tells you "it is all in your mind." Cause it really is! We are what we control our mind to think.

Soul, which is your spirit, your spiritual self. Now, spiritual does not always link to religion. You can be very religious, but not spiritual and vice versa! Spiritual means closer to nature, able to feel the nature around you. 

There are three body types and they are Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. In yoga terms, it is called Prakiti or Dosha. Prakiti is used to describe a super balance type of person (very rare, but they do exist). Dosha is often used instead because it is believed that most people are imbalance. Even if it is just a slight imbalance, you are still a Dosha. 

1. Vata
This body type person tends to be smaller size in nature and has drier skin. Of all the 5 elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space), they belong to Air and Space. Vata tends to be very creative, energetic and they like changes.

They are fast in terms of everything they do. They make decisions fast, but also changes their mind very quickly. They can absorb information fast, but can also lose information as fast if not reviewed again. 

The perfect job for them would be event organiser and anything else that can make full use of their creativity. 

This type of body tends to enjoy sports and activities that are fast. However, to balance their body, they should go for activities that's slower in pace. The perfect type of yoga for Vata is Hatha Yoga because they will need to hold their posture longer, and thus helped to "slow" them down. Meditation is also good for them but at the same time, very challenging. 

Type of taste Vata needs to avoid: Bitter, pungent and astringent. Vatta people need to eat more sweet, sour and salty food!

2. Pitta (in between Vata and Kapha)
This body type person tends to be more muscular and has a reddish complexion. They normally have a set of eyes that are very piercing! Of all the 5 elements, they are under Fire. Pitta tends to be stubborn and strong headed.

Pitta very intense, goal oriented and have strong appetite for life. The perfect type of job for them would be in the managerial level. 

They should avoid doing anything under the hot sun because it will result in inflammation and causes skin problem. The type of yoga they need to avoid is hot yoga. They need to do more cooling activity to balance their body.

Taste that Pitta has to avoid is sour, salty and pungent. They need to eat more sweet, astringent and bitter food. 

3. Kapha (Me!!)

This type of body normally have weight problems and have oily to combination skin. They normally have a bigger and rounder eye (yes, me! me!) Of all the 5 elements, they are under Earth and Water. Kapha tends to be more patient, stable, trustworthy and friendly with people. 

Kapha people are very slow in nature. They tend to take things very slowly, at their own pace. They like to enjoy every moment. They are the complete opposite of Vata. Kapha takes time to absorb information, but once they understand something, they will forget very slowly.

As they tend to be nurturing in nature, Kapha perfect job would be a teacher, counselling or any job that requires patience and ability to nurture. 

They need to do more Vinyasa yoga, or any yoga that has faster movement to balance their body as they are already slow in nature. If imbalance, it is very easy for Kapha to gain weight and very hard to lose. 

Type of taste they should avoid is sweet, sour and salty (WHAT!!!!). When I heard this I was like NOOO! Sour and salty is fine, I am not a fan of them either, but sweet?! I can't live without dessert! The type of food I should eat more is pungent, bitter and astringent. Oh dear, that's it. I can never be balance in terms of my food intake. Those that I was supposed to eat, are all those that I avoid at all cost! 

So, what is your Dosha? How do you really determine your Dosha?
1. it is normally by birth from your parents, (more %)
2. in the womb, the food that your mom eats , (lesser %, but still affects)
3. your lifestyle, food intake and activity (more %)

Dosha will change! According to Master Satya, she was from Vita and now she is a Pitta! 

With Master Paalu and Master Satya!

Our Sponsors! 

Look at how generous our sponsors are!! Really thankful for them for sponsoring us so many goodies!

Belif products! 

Healthy snacks from The Fitness Grocer!

Both workshops and talks for Belif and The Fitness Grocer was on that fateful day that I did not attend. But but but!! I am really in love with the facial wash from Belif! Right after the first wash, I can feel the power of the cleansing foam already! I am not sure whether it was just me, but I applied my sleeping mask after that and it really felt like it was absorbing very well! 

The snacks from Fitness Grocer also helped me to snack healthily during my exams period! My cousins who stay with me would know that I am not someone who snacks, but during my exam period, my mouth just can't stop chewing. 

Thank God for these healthy bars and drinks! I love the Lemon Zest and the Coco drink better though. The smoothie drink was actually very rich in terms of their taste, but probably too thick to my liking (just personal preference cause I don't drink smoothie, but I believe those who loves to drink smoothie will love this to the moon and back!)

Rachel K products! 

If you do not know yet, Rachel Kum, the founder of Rachel K products, was crowned Miss Universe Singapore in 2009. The Rachel K CC Renew product line is quite famous and in demand! I also heard that Rachel herself has a very sensitive skin, but she tested all her products herself on her own skin, and thus it is definitely suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin!

Kaiting, being our model for the products! 

Okay, if you notice, on the left is without and on the right is after. Can you see her under eye area?? The CC cream has quite a good coverage! Maybe you can't see very clearly in terms of her cheek, but look at her under eyes. Both distinct difference! 

After the CC cream, give it a finish look with the CC Renew pressed powder and there you go! Healthy and natural look effortlessly! This is really very good for all of us who prefer light make up, or even don't like to put at all. Baby girls, we need some protection for the hot sun out there as well as the natural ageing process!

The Rachel K CC Cream Renew has the complete anti-age care and also SPF 35 PA++  to protect us from the hot sun! No more freckles!!! Both the CC cream and the pressed powders come in 3 shades. Very light, Light and Medium. 


Read my full review about Infuusa HERE 

Have a good day everyone! 


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