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There was this period of time, everyone was crazy about infused water (or maybe just my group of friends). Every one was like posting their infused water (with real fresh fruits) on their Instagram and I was like, this is cool! 

So I went on to try my own kind of Infuse water. I added lemon and orange inside. Lemon helps in digestion (bet everyone knows this) while orange aids with healthy blood circulation! I really love how my water have "flavours" but I went on to do this for about 2 weeks and I gave up. Why? Here is why.

1. Too long to get the "taste"
According to Google, Infused is "soak (tea, herbs, etc.) in liquid to extract the flavour or healing properties." When it comes to "soak", you really have to soak it for hours before you can really consume them! 

I always cut the fruits in the morning and drink it from afternoon onwards, most of the time, only at about 6pm, my water gets more "taste", but by then I was already so full of drinking water the whole day. 

A lot of you would say, then cut it the night before, put it in a fridge and soak it till morning! Yeah, I guess this would probably solve the problem.

2. I am bored of the same taste and too expensive to keep changing different fruits
I want something new!! The problem with me living by myself is that, when I buy the fruits, it takes time for me to finish up. Imagine if I have to buy 5 different types of fruits just for my infused water. how much would that cost! 

3. I don't go to market everyday
I only do my grocery shop once in 2 weeks! I can't be stocking all the fruits in my fridge for that long. It won't be fresh anymore! 

So when I got to know this Infuusa, I knew this would save me all these troubles but also able to get the flavour in my water! 

Why I love Infuusa:
1. It's definitely fuss free! 
I just have to pop in the sachet of dried fruits and shake my bottle for 30 seconds and VOILA! My infused water is done!

2. It's "portable"
I can now bring around my infused water wherever I go! Even when I travel! How great would that be to be able to hydrate healthily even when you are overseas?

3. Cheaper but more variety! 
In the Quadberry Infuusa (my favourite flavour) has a total of 4 different types of berries inside. Get them all in the market and see how much they would total up to. If you are serving for many people, I think it should be fine. But if it's for you or your friends, I think you should consider Infuusa. 

4. They are natural!
Even the sweetener that they use is from a natural plant called Stevia!

I even bought myself 30 sachets from their website The price per sachet is $1.39 (for 10), $1.19 (for 20), and $0.99 (for 30). 

To me it's really a great deal! Starting I thought it was slightly expensive, but when I think about all the troubles that I had faced, and the fact that we easily spent $1.50 or more on a  bottle of plain water, I couldn't wait no more and just place my order!

Now, here is a promotion for you if you want to give it a go! Quote: Infuusatirsula at the check out and get 20% discount for orders above $25! Promotion is valid till 7th Nov 2014!

I am not saying that Infuusa is 100% better than real fruits. If you are someone who provide infuse water for a large number of people and can afford all the hassle that I faced, real fruits would be a better choice.

But if you are just like me, which I believe most people are experiencing the same problem, then I think Infuusa is the key! If there is another option that provides the same benefits but faster and hassle free, why not?

The only thing that I would want from Infuusa is probably more flavours! I understand that they are still quite new, but I really hope they will launch more new flavours soon! Best if they classify their flavours to like "detox", "hydration", "better blood circulation" that kind of stuffs. Actually even if just for detox, I would be very happy already hahahah.

Anyway, really love Infuusa! Please continue to be awesome and bring us more flavours!

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  1. wahahahha i love infuusa too!! i'm going to buy it during the discount period :D