Lessons Learnt in 2014 and Resolutions for 2015


Helloooo! I finally have some time to update my own blog!

Time really flies. It's been a month since 2015 commenced, how is your year so far?

Mine had been busy, like really packed. Some of you who followed me on my Instagram would know that I had recently went to Chiang Mai, Thailand to spend my old and new with my fellow friends. Gona post about it real sooooooon, so stay tune!

So, I was reading my old and new post that I wrote last year. You can read it here if you want to.  While I described 2013 as "growth", I think my 2014 would be "New Beginning".

The first quarter was a tough one, I would say. It was the worst heart break ever. I shouldn't explain any further as I had already spammed a few blog posts about it hahaha. But yeah, it was real tough because we both thought we would end up together, but we lost to distance.

The second quarter started to get better. It got easier thanks to all the friends who were always by my side and I should claim some credits for myself because I did a good job controlling my emotion. This is the time when I started to reflect on myself and also found my own flaws.

I know it's fine to have flaws, it makes us human. But what I found was how I used to take things for granted and how I had made my whole world revolve around one person. I had limited my own ability to achieve greater things. Which is why I was totally at loss when he decided to let go of us.

I started to expose myself to more people and welcomed new people into my life. I started to join school club that has got to do with doing good or giving back to the society. Slowly but surely I started to realise that I can do much more than I knew I could.

The third quarter, I had gotten more and more engrossed into doing all the stuffs that I was doing. My network grew bigger and I had definitely learnt a lot of stuffs from looking at how people around me work differently.

Someone once told me, when you set your mind in doing something, there would be lots of challenges that suddenly appeared and tried to make you stop whatever that you were going to do. How true. Some things happened back at home. I didn't what to do, I was of no help at all. I was once again at lost.

But it didn't stop me from doing whatever I was doing. In fact, it made me want to do even more than what I was doing.

At the last quarter... It was the most bumpy ride in 2014. In Oct, I became tired both mentally and physically. I broke down for the first time in 6 months. I was collapsing. Thankfully, my friends always come to my rescue at the right time.

In Nov, I went to a much deserve short holiday with my mom touring around Java, Indonesia. I hashtag it #MissysimplyJaVanderlust in Instagram. It was truly a wanderlust for me. Went to lots of places that I only saw in textbooks during my primary school, so it was literally like a dream come true to me. I had also secretly started to form my own team for my secret project that I was going to do (am already doing it now hehehee. Read on!)

In Dec, I went to Chiang Mai (#ChiangMaivasion) with a group of friends that I had gotten to know only for a few months. Little did we know that that fateful trip actually bonded us all together and we grew so much closer.

This is also when I had decided for sure what I want to do in my life. Yes, in my life, hopefully not just in 2015. I started this movement called "Birthday in a Box" in Batam. What we do is we celebrate the birthdays of the kids in the orphanages. You can read more here.

It was not easy for me to really go ahead and do this because my parents were not very supportive. I think it's just all parents' worry, that they want their kids to have a stable job so that they can care for themselves. They just don't want me to struggle in life.

So I told myself that I will give myself a year to do this. If it goes well, I will continue. If I struggle during the process, I will finish up all the 12 months celebration before I put it to a stop. This way my parents would feel better and they wouldn't have to worry for me. But I am going to make this work, because I want to do this, I really want to.

So, let's look at my 2014 resolutions!

1. I am going to slim down healthily.
HAHAHA this is every girl's resolution, right? Hehehee. Although I did not slim down a lot, but I would say I am in better shape now as compared to last year. But of course, my weight still fluctuates every now and then but who cares! Healthy is the most important, right? So TICKED!

2. I am getting real serious in my studies.
Although there were lots of ups and downs, but...... I AM OFFICIALLY A GRADUAND YOO! Just gotta wait for the official ceremony in August and I will call myself a Graduate ;) so, it's definitely another TICKED!

3. I am going to do overseas volunteering.
Thanks to #ChiangMaivasion trip, I got to do this just a day before 2014 ended! It was a good 2-day (29th and 30th Dec) volunteering experience to me! So, TICKED!

4. Travelling somewhere alone.
Hmmmmm. Although there were a few times whereby I flew myself to somewhere, but I was only flying alone. I would meet up with people when I reached my destination. So I won't considered this done. CROSS!

5. 2014 would be about Me, Myself and I.
My initial intention was that I would put myself as priority. I think I was half way there. Time to time I would withdraw myself from all the crowds and stuffs happening around me and give myself some time to rest. Also, I had reflected a lot during this time and constantly want to improve myself to be a better me. So this is a big TICKED for me :)

4 out of 5 new year resolutions ticked for me! Not too bad, right?

My 2015 resolutions:

1. Bringing Birthday in a Box to a greater height. Since this is my baby project and I know that I really have to give my all this full year because I want to make this work, I hope everything will be smooth, we can get recognised and bring Birthday in a Box to many more orphanages!

2. To have another #GiftDrop in our neighbouring countries for Birthday in a Box. Since we did it in 2014, I really hope this would be an annual event for us!

3. Secret project 2 to be realised by March '15, or latest June '15. I can't reveal this secret project yet, but it's another thing that I want to do in Batam! by the deadline, whether or not it would be realised, I will still share with you all the plan :)

4. Continue to find the better version of me. I will continue to improve myself by learning and absorbing as much as I can in this year because everything l that I am going to possess later on is not something that everyone can experience.

5. Travel somewhere alone. Since this was not ticked last year, I should try again this year!


6. To find the other half. I mentioned that this year Jan is really packed and busy for me because of the project, a lot of stuffs to be finalised and do. Worst thing is, some of the things that I need to do has to go hand in hand.

I was really tired because I had to most of the stuffs myself (my other two members have a full time job and there are a lot of things that we can only get it done during working hours) to the extend that sometimes I just wish to have a shoulder to lean on and to be vulnerable to.

Reason why I can't do all that I had mentioned above to my friends because I always like to show the stronger side of me. There were one or two that I could be vulnerable to, but at the end of the day I regretted because it turned out that they happened to be the friends that do not stay long in my life.

But then again, I also know for sure that I wouldn't have time for my other half as well. So it's actually quite bad because I only want him when I need him. It's just sometimes.. sometimes when I feel like collapsing, I hope someone would catch me though not literally.

Everything will be fine! I trust that it will all be good. I can take care and fend for myself for the time being. I have the kids that keep me going. It will be more than enough though!

Here's to awesome year ahead! Cheers!

- Missysimply

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