Imma Spilling The Beans!


Hello friends! How are you?

I have been quite packed and busy but busy good. If you do not already know, I have started a small project back here in Batam call "Birthday in a Box Batam". Well, actually I brought over the idea from a friend of mine, Cindy. You can read more about it hereDo explore the blog as well to read up on our past events!

The first three months were a total chaos for me. It was real hectic. People started asking me, what have I been busing with exactly? the celebration was only once a month (going to be twice a month as of April! YAY!), why do  I always say I am busy?

To be honest, I wasn't sure either. When that question was thrown to me, I asked myself. Really, what have I been busying with? I couldn't see it at all. Now that everything is almost stable, I realised why. All along, I was building on the foundation (the structuring of the whole project and admin work). It's not something that everyone can see.

Now that I have more people in the planning team, I can hand over some works to them, without them feeling lost because everything is already there. I mean, you might not understand what I am saying, but it's okay hahaha.

I guess I was also under some pressure from friends and family. As I had just graduated from my Bachelor degree, people started asking me what is the next step, and whether I am already applying for a job.

A very honest answer here. I DO NOT even have a resume until now. I didnt even intend to make one. It sounded ridiculous, I know. Some started to make comments like "You cannot find a job in Singapore, is it?" I mean, yes it's true that it is not easy to find a job in Singapore, especially when I am not holding on to any pass. But hey, I wasn't even trying to find one.

No, it's not something to be proud of, but people should just respect each other's different point of view. If you think earning big bucks is your goal in life, so be it. I think my goal in life is to love as many as I can, for as long as I live.

I stumbled upon this quote that I cannot agree more "Love, is the only thing that we know, that can be divided and divided, but continue to grow." Isn't that true? Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way. We just have to create a ripple effect. One kindness a day is all it takes for you to realise, that giving is beautiful.

3 and a half months through this project, I had learnt a lot and I believe there are far more things that I can learn from this. For every encounter that I face, I start to look at the brighter side of it because I could not afford to give up and I DONT want to give up. I persevere on. Now that I had started to see the fruit of the labour, I knew it was all worth it. It was all worth fighting for.

At times I do feel "detached". I used to be the one doing the ground works, engaging with the beneficiaries. Now that I am in the planning team, I have much lesser engagement with the beneficiaries. For instance with the children, I cannot one on one with them like I used to be as most of the time I had brief them as a whole and stuff.

And then all the small small encounters that I experienced reminded me that I have to keep going on. Like when I see one the birthday girls teared when everyone sang her birthday song, when 2 children came up to me by themselves to express their gratitude. As though they knew that I needed that little push, to keep on keeping on.

To have a small but awesome team is something that I couldn't ask for more. I found strength in them. To know that there are people walking side by side with me through what people call this as "crazy idea"is truly comforting. They help me grow, they complement skills that I don't have, and that's what made us a great team :)

We have received quite a lot of positive feedbacks from our community too. They wrote to us saying that they are amazed about this project and hope we will keep going on and make the children's life beautiful. Sponsors started to approach us by themselves to want to be part of us too.

First quarter of 2015 was awesome. I believe the second one is only going to get better!

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