#MissysimplyJAVAnderlust Exploring Bromo, Surabaya


#MissysimplyJavanderlust for my collection of pictures during my 10 days trip going around Java, Indonesia!

Had this 10 days trip with my mom. This trip was totally unplanned and last minute, but I am glad that I get to enjoy quite a lot. Those places that I once see in my textbooks, I finally get to see it with my very own eyes. It's like a dream come true. After the trip, I really felt more like a true blue Indonesian, and it makes me want to explore more of my home country. Indonesia is so big and beautiful.

We flew to Jakarta on the 13th November via Batam. The truth is, that was my very first time taking domestic flight from Batam despite the fact that my whole family had moved to there since 2003 hahaha. Oh, if you do not know yet, I was originally from Bintan.

Shopped around at Central Park Mall that's located just below the apartment. The shopping mall is huge!

Had Sour Sally in Central Park Mall

We woke up at 3am to catch our flight to Surabaya. We had to wake up super early so as to avoid the heavy traffic jam. By now most of you should know that traffic jam in Jakarta is a norm! We ended up reaching airport earlier than we had planned. Was kinda grumpy due to the 2 hrs sleep that I barely had. Luckily the breakfast was yummy!

We took this new airline called Batik. The airline is so batik-ish! We can enjoy in flight movie, but our flight was too short for me to finish one full movie hahaha.

Batik-ish throughout

Landed  in Surabaya, had our lunch and head down to Mount Bromo straight away. Spending our night there. The weather was so nice there! So cooling and awesome.

MANGOOOES! My favourite!!

On the way up to Mt Bromo, we noticed that there are a lot of stalls selling mangoes by the roadside. We wondered if it was sweet, we stopped in one, asked if it's sweet, the seller took out a knife right away for us to try. It was heaven!!! The last time I had such a yummy mango was when I went to Myanmar. I even packed like, 4 big mangoes home!

Before heading over to our home stay, we stopped by a nearby hotel with great view for some food and pictures!

The view from the hotel restaurant

At that moment, I couldn't wait for the next day to come.

This is probably the best thing ever in a cold environment like that. We took away some to our home stay!

Stole this bowl (another cusomter's) for a quick picture!

That's ours! I couldn't wait to hold it in my hands!

The view from our home stay!

Our home stay was awesome. It was a simple room, no air-condition, not even a fan. Nope, I was not trying to be sarcastic, because you really do not need them. We went back to the home stay at about 6 pm. After our shower, I tried to go out of the house to get some food. I closed back the door after 0.5 secs. It was freezing cold!

We decided to stay in, had the Bakso that we had gotten that day as dinner and went to sleep. Nah it wasn't too early, we were dead tired from the sleepless night and the tiresome long ride, not to forget that we had to wake up at 2 am the next day to catch the sun rise!

My everything <3

We woke up at 2am this time because the special jeep to go up to Mt Bromo would pick us up! The jeep could fit up to 8 comfortably, 10 if you want to squeeze a little. The journey took about a little over 30 minutes, I guess. I couldn't really remember.

I only remember the that it was kinda scary. It was pitch dark, the only lights were from the headlights of the jeeps. I heard from our driver that they are over hundreds of jeeps go up everyday. It was very sandy too, sitting at the back of the jeep, you can see with your own eyes how difficult it is to see the front. You can at most see about 1 metre from the headlights.

We finally reached "almost" the top. No jeep can reached the top, ever. They will stop at one point and then you gotta walk up. I got to warn you that there will be LOTS of motorcycles, offering to take you up at a price they set. They WILL NOT give up after you rejected them. I rejected them umpteen times but they just wouldn't budge off. There was a time when they almost hit me and my mom! I glared at them after that but they just didnt care and kept circling around.

The hike up was quite steep and as we know, the air get thinner and thinner as we go higher. Oh, and it was FREEZING COLD. The air was very dry too. Once we reached the top, we went in to the first store to have a cup of hot tea before continuing the flight of stairs up to the viewing point.

As we reached the top, I was dumfounded. Not because of the view, it was because of the amount of people I see there. It was so packed!! Here is a tip for you, go towards the edge (where the fences are), there will be a lot of people already standing on the fences, but stand around there. You could get lucky! (Just like I did)

I stood on the fences and I WOW-ed upon seeing these:

A Selfie!

There will be professional photographer going around asking if you want to take picture that will be ready by the time you go down. My advice is, don't bother. My mom and I used their service and we regretted. The photo quality aint great at all. Not as though it came with a frame of "Bromo", at least you can probably get it as memento, they just put it in a plastic, that's all. I could just print them myself when I am back later on.

Selfie with mom!

But anyway, that aside! The view was breathtaking, wasn't it? It's so beautiful, it made you wonder how on earth your eyes made do with the view of a concrete jungle all these while. It was real peaceful when I look at that scene before my eyes.

After about almost 3 hrs there (time flies when you are having good time), we head down to where our jeep was parked and continued our Bromo tour.

This is our Jeep. Isn't she a beauty?

I finally get to see the road that we came by from. There was no road sign, nothing. I am really amazed by how the drivers could remember the way there. We went to two sight seeing places. Nothing much on those two. 

This is the road that I mentioned, and this was only what I could capture. probably a quarter of what I saw. 

The highlight of the tour

Every Bromo tour will come with this package, to visit this place that you have to climb the stairs up to see the caldera. You can choose to walk from the parking area, but I will recommend you to take the horse. It's a nice experience, plus the air is really dry and with all those little sandy-like particles, I am not sure if that is a good idea. But if you come prepared, with mask, glasses and stuff, you can go ahead and walk ;)

This is the stairs that I mentioned. It doesn't look that high, don't be fooled. 

It wasn't easy climbing up the stairs as it was mostly covered with the fine particles left after the eruption. It was slippery and uneven. Let alone the fact that there are so many people going up. It's like, every seconds, there are people going up and down that stairs.

I got a little breathless and tired after a while..

This is the view from the top. FYI, if you see the centre top of this picture, you will see a Hindu temple. Our parking area is BEYOND that temple. Imagine how far was that.

I was lucky that the sky cleared when I went up! It was real cloudy when I was riding the horse.

This is the caldera of the volcano

The Tenggerese (people of Probolinggo, East Java) throw their offerings of fruits, rice, vegetables, flowers and sacrifices of livestock to the mountain gods. The ritual is held on the fourteenth day of the Hindu festival called Yadnya Kasada. 

A Panorama Shot taken from up there!

One last shot before heading back to our home stay!

We went back to have our much needed shower because we felt like a sandman. The weather was cold in the day, freezing cold at night. After our hot shower, we head back to Surabaya's town area.

On our way down, we saw this and had to ask our driver to stop for a little while for this mesmerising scenery. I am not ready to say bid Bromo goodbye :(

When we reached back in the town area, we went to Museum Angkot. It's said that there are varieties of cars inside, even the oldest! But we didnt go in because my mom said it's a waste of time. She aint big fans of car. We spent about 15 minutes walking around there. There is a Pasar Ngapung (Floating Market) just beside it. It was kinda cute!

Afterwards we went to a so called Apple farm. It was said that the apples were really sweet and we can eat as we pick. How disappointed. I didn't enjoy it at all. The apples were TINY. Probably the size of a baby's fist. And it was sour. We were limited to 5 apples each.

Apparently, I think when they just opened, they didnt control the crowd very well. The fruits were gone, now people pick them even before they ripen. There were oranges and flowers farm too. I think it would be more worth the time if I had went to Museum Angkot instead. 

Bromo, I missed you already!

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  1. Hi! Can I get info on bromo trip from you?? Like where to stay, where to book the tour. Also, what to take note over there? Do they speak English? I'm interested to go there! If you don't mind, feel free to email me.

  2. Hi! Can I get info on bromo trip from you?? Like where to stay, where to book the tour. Also, what to take note over there? Do they speak English? I'm interested to go there! If you don't mind, feel free to email me.

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