High Expectation Comes With Disappointment


High expectations lead to disappointment. Many times, I told myself not to have any. Simple things like movies, I don't search for them nor watch the trailers anymore, because I want to go in to the theatre without expecting anything.

When something happened, I always expect for the worst. Some people may say, good! It means you are prepared for any last minute changes, you won't be disappointed if it doesn't go well. But now that I think of it, I am kind of pessimistic. Not that much, but still, a little.

I kept telling myself not to expect anything from anyone. But easier said than done. I always ended up falling and secretly having expectation from a person whom showed his concern to me.

It's definitely my bad, for being so easily emotionally attached to a person. Also the other person's fault, for showing too much care and concern? Like too much.. Even after I had kept my distance. And then there comes a time when all the efforts started to melt down that wall of mine.. And when that happened, the person "left".

Don't you just hate that feeling? As much as you prevent something from happening, it happened. Then never mind, but it turned out to prove yourself even right. You then asked yourself why didn't you heed your brain.

Glad that I have something to keep myself busy with. Those feelings will be over soon. I will be better soon. I will get back to who I used to be before everything happened. Because I am strong. Because I know I can.

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